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Albania Passport and Visas Information

There is no longer a visa charge for any foreigners entering Albania.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nationals of the following countries can enter Albania without a visa: Andorra, Argentina, Australia *, Austria *, Belgium *, Brazil, Bulgaria*, Canada *, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus *, Czech Republic*, Denmark*, Estonia *, Finland *, France*, Germany *, Great Britain*, Greece *, Holland *, Holly Siege, Hungary *, Ireland *, Iceland *, Israel, Italy *, Japan, Kosovo, Latvia *, Liechtenstein, Lithuania *, Luxemburg *, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta *, Monaco, Montenegro, New Zealand *, Norway *, Poland *, Portugal *, Romania *, Russia, San Marino *, Serbia , Singapore, Slovakia*, Slovenia *, South Korea, Spain *, Sweden *, Switzerland *, Turkey, USA *, Ukraine. (Those countries with an asterisk can enter with an ID card)

There are still reports of sporadic 1 entry fees. Be sure to receive a receipt and keep it with you, as guards may request it upon exiting the country as proof of payment. The Albania guards are very nice and do their best to help out and will, on occasion, allow fees to be paid in dollars or will forget to charge you. It's worth making sure you've got the Euros on you as the customs officers at Mother Teresa airport don't give change.

As well as paying to get in, you need to pay 1 to leave the country; although, on occasion, tourists are allowed to leave via the Macedonian border without paying. When crossing the border with Macedonia on foot, the guards only accept 1 and 2 coins, you cannot pay with two 0.50 coins. Nationals of the European Union don't have to pay the fee since early 2009. Two Canadian passport holders in January 2010 were not charged any fees upon entry or exit. Other passengers, with varying passports, were not seen paying any fees either.

Source: Wikitravel.org