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Getting to Czech Republic

By plane


Other international airports are in Brno (with flights to London, Moscow , Barcelona and Prague), Ostrava (flights to Vienna and Prague), Pardubice, Karlovy Vary (flights to Moscow and Uherske Hradiste).

There are dozens of low-cost airlines going to/from Prague. Ryanair flies to Brno from London and Girona and to Prague from Dublin. Other nearby airports are Nuremberg (200 km) and Munich (320 km) in Germany,Vienna having a bus shuttle to Brno city (260 km to Prague, 110 km to Brno) in Austria, Wroclaw (200 km) in Poland(might be a good idea if you want to go to the Giant Mountains) and Bratislava (280 km to Prague, only 120 km to Brno) in Slovakia.

The easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport is praguetransfer.net, a minibus company that provides a cheap door to door service. Book your shuttle in advance at their website. If you need to get to another city from the airport, you can book at the same company's website specialized in long distance transfers to all cities in the Czech Republic. It is easy and quick to book at airportshuttle.cz

By bus

International bus service runs from many cities in Europe with direct connections from Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia,Switzerland , Austria etc. Good service is offered by Eurolines and Student Agency..

By train

International train service runs from most points in Europe with direct connections from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Nederland, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary,Romania and Ukraine. If you are in Bavaria, Saxony or Thuringia, the cheapest way to get to the Czech Republic is to take a "Bayernticket", "Sachsen-Ticket" or "Thuringen-Ticket" (up to 5 people per ticket, which costs 25 EUR; only regional trains) to the border and then buy a Czech ticket on the board (with 30 Kc surcharge). The Bayernticket is valid in fast trains from Nuremberg and Munich to Prague.

The Prague metro carries around 400 million passengers a year. It is fast, efficient, clean and easy to use. Its three lines consist of about 50 km of tracks running mostly underground, and some 50 stations.

source: Wikitravel.org