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Czech Republic Landmarks and National Parks

  • Cesky Raj : ( Czech Paradise ) A region of towering rock formations and isolated castles located north-east of Prague. The gateway city of Jicin is an interesting destination in its own right, but Turnov is closer to most of the castles and rock formations. The twin towers of the ruined castle Trosky are a symbol of the area and can be climbed for the views
  • Jaromerice nad Rokytnou: A small town circa 50 km from Jihlava (towards Znojmo) with the Baroque Castle and Church of St. Margaret
  • Karlstejn Castle and the holy cave monastery : Hiking trip to the famous castle as well as an off the beaten track monastery
  • Krkonose : ( Giant Mountains ) The highest mountains in the Czech Republic along the Polish border. Most popular Czech skiing resorts are situated here, such as Spindleruv Mlyn, however considered overpriced by locals...
  • Litomysl : A beautiful small town in East Bohemia. The renaissance main square and chateau are among the Czech Republic's prettiest and the town has been home to many important and influential artists, including composer Bedrich Smetana, sculptor Olbram Zoubek and painter Josef Vachal. There are two international opera festivals at the chateau each year.
  • Moravsky Kras : Extensive karst area between Brno and Olomouc with the deepest abyss in the country and, in the Punkevni Caves, the opportunity to take a boat ride along an underground river.
  • Mutenice Wine Region : Some of the best vineyards in the Czech Republic and totally off the well beaten tourist path
  • Nove Mesto na Morave : Cross country skiing resort. The race of Tour de Ski takes place here.
  • Terezin: A red-brick baroque fortress 70km north of Prague beside the Ohre river. It was used during WWII as a Jewish ghetto and concentration camp.



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