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Finland Famous Places to Visit

  • Helsinki the "Daughter of the Baltic", Finland's capital and largest city by far
  • Jyvaskyla a university town located in Central Finland
  • Kuopio a university town in central Finland , lakeland area.
  • Oulu a technology city at the end of the Gulf of Bothnia
  • Pori an industrial city at the western coast, known from its annual Pori Jazz festival.
  • Rovaniemi gateway to Lapland, largest city in Europe measured from the surface area
  • Savonlinna a small lakeside town with a big castle and a popular opera festival.
  • Tampere an industrial town, home to the Lenin Museum and Spy Museum, in the middle of other big cities in Southern Finland
  • Turku the former capital on the western coast. Medieval castle and cathedral.
  • Vaasa a city with strong Swedish influences on the west coast located near the UNESCO world natural site Kvarken Archipelago

Source: Wikitravel.org