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Things to do in Finland

A selection of top sights in Finland:

    • Central Helsinki, the Daughter of the Baltic , on a warm and sunny summer day
    • The historical sites of Turku and the vast archipelago around it, best viewed from the deck of a giant car ferry
    • Pottering around the picturesque wooden houses of Porvoo, Finland's second-oldest city
    • Olavinlinna Castle in Savonlinna, Finland's most atmospheric castle, especially during the yearly Opera Festival
    • Hameenlinna Castle in Hameenlinna is Finland's oldest castle. Built in 13th century.
    • Relaxing at a sauna-equipped cottage in the lake country of Eastern Finland
    • Icebreaker cruising and the world's biggest snow castle in Kemi
    • Seeing the Northern Lights and trying your hand sledding down a mile-long track at Saariselka



  • Provinssirock , rock, Seinajoki, mid-June
  • Nummirock , heavy metal, Nummijarvi (near Kauhajoki), late June (Midsummer)
  • RMJ , pop/disco music, Pori, late June (Midsummer)
  • Tuska Open Air, heavy metal, Helsinki, late June
  • Sauna Open Air , heavy metal, Tampere, early June
  • Ruisrock , rock, Turku, July
  • Konemetsa , electronic music, Ollila , July
  • Pori Jazz , jazz/world music, Pori , mid-July
  • Ankkarock , rock, Korso , August
  • Flow [, indie/electronic/urban, Helsinki, mid-August