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Hungary Landmarks and National Parks

  • Aggtelek - beautiful caves with dripstones and stalagmites
  • Bukk - a section of the Carpathian Mountain range
  • Godollo a town east of Budapest most famous for its former royal palace.
  • Holloko - a beautiful old preserved village
  • Lake Balaton - the major lake of Hungary and the biggest lake in Central Europe
  • Nyirtass
  • Tokaj - a famous wine town producing high quality white wines
  • Salgotarjan a modern mining town situated in the hills with two castle ruins.
  • Siofok popular holiday resort at Lake Balaton.
  • Szentendre - picturesque town on the Danube just north of Budapest
  • Szepasszonyvolgy - another great place for wine tasting in Eger
  • Vac a small town on the Danube bend with several churches and lots of baroque architecture

Source: Wikitravel.org