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Hungary Famous Places to Visit

  • Budapest - the capital
  • Debrecen - the second largest city in the country
  • Eger - famous for its baroque buildings, castle and wines, especially Bull's Blood ( Bikaver ).
  • Esztergom - The first capital, the seat of Constitutional court and the Roman catholic Church of Hungary, home of the biggest church in Central Europe.
  • Kecskemet - a town famous for its vibrant music scene, plum brandy, and Art Nouveau architecture
  • Miskolc - with the unique cave bath in Miskolc-Tapolca, the third largest city in the coutry, located near the Bukk hills
  • Nyiregyhaza - a small city with a busy water resort, museum village, and annual autumn festival
  • Pecs - a pleasant cultural centre and university town
  • Szeged - the sunniest city in Hungary
  • Szekesfehervar - Former royal seat, currently famous for its baroque architecture and museums
  • Szombathely - Former Roman colony, Centre of Western Danubia and county Vas

Source: Wikitravel.org