10 Best European Honeymoon Destinations

Europe offers numerous idyllic destinations in which to spend a fabulous, romantic honeymoon getaway. Europe has something for everyone, from urban...

Europe offers numerous idyllic destinations in which to spend a fabulous, romantic honeymoon getaway. Europe has something for everyone, from urban escapes in the enchanting City of Lights to sun-drenched retreats in the Greek Islands and everything in between.




For many couples, there is no better place on the planet to spend the first days of wedded bliss. If you agree with Audrey Hepburn who once said, “Paris is always a good idea,” with its spectacular landmarks like the Notre Dame Cathedral, famed museums such as the Louvre and iconic monuments like the Eifel Tower, the city is sure to be perfect for your honeymoon. Even more impressive than its sights is the rich culture found throughout its cozy cafes and bustling bistros. Anyone who has ever walked hand-in-hand along the charming, cobbled streets of Paris can attest to its inherent romance.



A visit to Tuscany will instantly open your eyes as to why so many artists have made this landscape their permanent canvas. Dotted with grape vines, olive groves and elegant villas, honeymooners will savor this region’s magnificent architecture, fantastic foods and fine wine. The capital of Tuscany, Florence, is sometimes referred to as the “jewel in the crown of the Renaissance,” making it an incredibly romantic destination of its own.



There are numerous destinations that can be found in the Emerald Isle for a magical honeymoon. The land is guaranteed to enchant, whether you prefer a sophisticated modern city, a remote, centuries-old village, or a little of both. Enjoy the vibrant culture in cities like Galway or Dublin and then head out to the countryside, perhaps staying in a medieval castle or a luxurious Georgian home.  You might even take a walk on the wild side by embarking on a 5-minute flight just off the west coast of Ireland to the Aran Islands. Here you can take a romantic horse-drawn carriage to an Inishmore B&B or a cozy, fire-lit cottage set at the edge of the Atlantic for the ultimate in fairy-tale romance.



Venice offers a dream honeymoon setting for many couples, but it’s much more than singing gondoliers on the Grand Canal. The city has more artistic masterpieces per square meter than any other place on earth, as well as being home to a museum dedicated to the master of creating “ideal beauty,” Leonardo Di Vinci. It offers a taste of all types of beauty, including the people, food, architecture, history, and its awe-inspiring landscape.



Santorini is not only one of the top Greek Island honeymoon destinations, it ranks among the best in the world. Offering something for honeymooners of all types, here you can head to exciting nightclubs and fabulous restaurants as well as some of the most picturesque beaches in the world. It offers an unprecedented escape to a dreamy environment from the spectacular Aegean Sea to craggy cliffs and white-washed buildings.



Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, and also one of the most affordable for those who are looking for a more affordable honeymoon. Wandering the winding city streets, it’s easy to see how the surreal stories by Franz Kafka could have been inspired, with its magnificent castle overlooking Old Town and gothic architecture that lend a sense of mystery and romance to the atmosphere.



Another one of Europe’s most picturesque cities, Vienna, Austria offers the chance to relax and unwind in a romantic location, stroll through lush gardens and enjoy romantic meals at numerous eateries overlooking the River Danube. If you’re classical music fans, history buffs or art lovers, a Vienna honeymoon may be your perfect recipe for bliss.



In this Croatian city on the Adriatic Sea, you can enjoy amazing white sand beaches at the edge of crystal clear waters, vibrant city life, and Baroque palaces. You could even charter a boat to visit the tiny, remote islands found just off the coast as well as experiencing the rich history preserved in the monuments and buildings in Dubrovnik.

Isle of Skye


Step into a real-life fantasy world on Scotland’s Isle of Skye for the chance to stay in a romantic honeymoon cottage perched on a hilltop overlooking the sea. Spend your days walking alone amongst some of the most breathtaking scenery on the planet, a place where you’ll often see more wildlife than tourists. Sip some of the finest single-malt whisky, take a distillery tour and ride down the narrow road that leads to the Fairy Glen, a miniaturized landscape of lush green conical hills, buttes and a roadside loch.



This resort town on the French Riviera is well-known as the setting for the famous film festival, but it also offers an enchanting escape for honeymooners. Not only will you be able to enjoy cosmopolitan charm, but gorgeous sands to soak in the sun. Sip French wines on the patios of open-air cafes or take part in some of the hottest nightlife in France at numerous venues throughout the city.

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