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Turkey Landmarks and National Parks

  • Ani impressive ruins of medieval Armenian capital in the far east of the country
  • Cappadocia an area in central highlands best known for its unique moon-like landscape (the "fairy chimneys"), underground cities, cave churches and houses carved in the rocks
  • Ephesus well-preserved ruins of the Roman city on the west coast
  • Gallipoli site of 1915 Anzac landing and many WWI memorials
  • Mount Nemrut a UNESCO World Heritage site with head statues dedicated to ancient Gods on its summit
  • Oludeniz imcomparable postcard beauty of "Blue Lagoon", perhaps the most famous beach of Turkey which you will see on any tourism brochure
  • Pamukkale "the Cotton Castle", white world of travertines surrounding cascading shallow pools filled with thermal waters
  • Sumela stunning monestary on the cliffs of a mountain, a must-see on any trip to the northeast coast
  • Uludag a national park featuring school textbook belts of different types of forests varying with altitude, and the major wintersports resort of the country

Source: Wikitravel.org