Guest Post: A Spanish Get-Away

The daily grind can often become so routine that you go months without realizing that you haven’t used a single sick or vacation day.  Well, now...

The daily grind can often become so routine that you go months without realizing that you haven’t used a single sick or vacation day.  Well, now is the time to start counting those accumulated freebies and begin planning a relaxing, yet exciting get-away.  Give yourself something fantastic to look forward to this summer!

Consider a European adventure with one or two of your friends, who may also be suffering from the monotony of their day-to-day lifestyles.  My recommendation for a summer trip is Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain.  Vicky and Christina had a great time, and so can you, my friend.  Barcelona is full of bustling activity, rich history, and unique culture.
A Spanish Get-Away

Barcelona (Barca for short) is the perfect spot for summer vacationers.  Located along the coast of Spain, Barca offers some incredible beaches during the hot summer months.  Tourists can dip their toes in the refreshing Mediterranean Sea and explore the many seaside eateries and shops.

Without a doubt, visitors must meander along Las Ramblas, the central most boulevard in Barca which cuts through the heart of the city.  This landmark is 1.2 km long and filled with flowers stands, artwork, street performers, and a variety of outdoor shops and eateries.  It’s heavily populated with tourists and locals alike.  Be careful with your purse and/or wallet!  This is an ideal spot for pickpocket professionals.

Barcelona also offers some incredible art and architecture.  I highly recommend visiting Parc Guell, an elaborate garden complex designed by the Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí.  Remember playing Candy Land when you were younger?  Well, wandering through Parc Guell make you feel like you are actually visiting Queen Frosting’s castle or finding your way to Grandma Nut’s humble abode.  Parc Guell has a magical look and feel.  Gaudí created this dream world in the early 1900s, incorporating his signature Modernist (Art Nouveau) elements.  His unique, undulating patterns and designs can be seen in his mosaic benches on the main terrace, as well as in his famous dragon fountain at the entrance.  Parc Guell also offers some incredible views of the city.


Another Gaudí favorite worth checking out is Casa Batlló, a house originally designed for a middle-class family but restored and remodeled by Gaudí in the early 1900s.  Again, you can see Gaudí’s signature Art Nouveau style in the art and architecture.  Both the façade and the interior incorporate beautiful mosaics, serpentine patterns and arches, and several elements of nature.  The roof resembles the back of a dragon and the curves on the façade create a snake-like appearance.  Everything about Casa Batlló is incredibly unique, creative, and symbolic.

In a city filled with sandy beaches, busy boulevards, and amazing art and architecture, it’s easy to have a fantastic time.  So even if you love your job, I highly recommend getting out of the office for a week to explore the world.  It puts things in perspective, and it helps maintain a work/life balance.  Start tallying your vacation days, pick a date this summer, and research affordable flights and hotels.  You can definitely find a promo code for Travelocity, which will help you save on your Spanish get-away.

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Erin Prickett is an experienced traveler and art enthusiast. She spent six months in Europe, exploring various historic landmarks, art galleries and museums.  Prickett recommends finding a promo code for Travelocity to save money on rooms abroad.  


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