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Your Guide on London’s Best Christmas Markets

European Tourism Trends in 2012

Do they know it’s Christmas time at all? – Okay, there are still a couple of weeks left until the Christmas season starts with Xmas songs blasting out in the radios and flashy shopping windows garnished in glamorous Santa attire. It is common practice, that the city’s Christmas Markets are the centre of attention during […]

What Are the Most Visited Museums In Europe?

Museums in Europe

Europe is home to a variety of impressive museums dedicated to many parts of history and culture. Here are some of the most popular ones that people visit every year. British Museum, London The British Museum is a site dedicated to the history and culture of the United Kingdom. The museum is home to many […]

How to Travel Europe by Train

Travel Europe by Train

Mastering the European Rail System One of the most popular ways to travel around Europe is by train because of the sheer expanse of the rail system and the convenience it affords travellers. You can quickly get from city to city all over Europe on the rails, without having to worry about driving or carrying […]

10 Best European Honeymoon Destinations

European Honeymoon Destinations

Europe offers numerous idyllic destinations in which to spend a fabulous, romantic honeymoon getaway. Europe has something for everyone, from urban escapes in the enchanting City of Lights to sun-drenched retreats in the Greek Islands and everything in between. Paris   For many couples, there is no better place on the planet to spend the […]

Top Ten Most Beautiful Castles in Europe

Autumn in France’s Loire Valley: Experience the Region at its Best

Seeing Europe’s most magnificent castles is often on or near the top of any traveler’s to-do list. If it’s on yours, consider visiting one or more of these stunning European castles. Mont Saint-Michel Mont Saint-Michel is perched atop a rocky islet in Normandy, about one kilometer off the coast, set among vast sandbanks that are […]

How Can I Travel Cheaply in Europe?

How Can I Travel Cheaply in Europe

Traveling through Europe can be expensive, but there are ways to make it more affordable. If you’re flexible, you might be surprised at just how cheap it can be by considering one or more of the following options. Travel in the off season   Traveling in the off season is an obvious way to save. […]

Traveling Solo in Europe – Tips for Traveling Abroad


Traveling alone provides total freedom and independence with the opportunity to do whatever you want and go wherever you’d like. It also comes with a few drawbacks, but by following this “need-to-know” advice you can make the most of your solo travel experience. Safety concerns   You’re actually far less likely to be a victim […]

What Do I Need to Know About Traveling with Kids in Europe?

Traveling to Europe for the first time with children can be challenging, but it also brings a wealth of invaluable rewards for the entire family. Even the very best schools are limited in how much they can teach. Seeing the world offers more of a chance for hands-on learning that can’t be matched in the […]

Where Can I Enjoy the Best Budget Ski Vacation in Europe?

Ski_Vacation _in Europe

Many Americans are under the mistaken impression that all European ski resorts charge exorbitant prices, but the reality is, the highest costs are more likely to be found in the U.S. – particularly at famed resorts like Aspen and Vail in Colorado. Of course the famous European alpine destinations such as Switzerland and Austria tend […]

How Can I Stay Healthy While Traveling in Europe?

How Can I Stay Healthy While Traveling in Europe?

Millions of international travelers diligently plan their adventures, ensuring they’ve packed everything they might need for all types of weather, researching activities and restaurants, and excitedly count down the days and even hours until it’s time to embark on their journey. What most forget to consider is safety and health, so if you’re asking the […]

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