Shopping in Europe Tips

Europe Shopping Tips Many people love to travel to Europe because of the fabulous and plentiful shopping. Shopping ranges from handmade items on the...

Europe Shopping Tips

Many people love to travel to Europe because of the fabulous and plentiful shopping. Shopping ranges from handmade items on the street to some of the most well-known high fashion designer boutiques in Paris. Whatever type of shopping you enjoy, you will find it in Europe. Europe travel shopping is a great way to pass the time and to get to know the local culture. This shopping in Europe guide will help you figure out where to go and how to get a deal.

Shopping in Europe Tips

Shopping in Europe Tips

One of the best places to get a good deal if you know how to haggle is a flea market. While these places are notorious for ripping off tourists, if you have the art of negotiation down you can take the soft, posted prices much lower. The first thing you need to know about haggling is whether the price is negotiable. In most places in London and the UK, a listed price is the actual price, no questions. It would be insulting for you to offer a department store clerk half the listed price. If you are in other European countries at a flea market or street vendor, feel out the vendor by saying that you like an item, but it is just too much. This way, they are in the position to start negotiating the price with you. If they do not bite, they most likely are sticking to their posted price and its best to either move on or pay what they have listed.

Most merchants in Europe place their prices based on the fact that they know people will haggle them down at least 50 percent, so they often triple the price and still make out like bandits. Before you even look at the price tag, think about how much something is actually worth to you. Then, tell the merchant that is what you will pay. Stick to your guns and often this can pay off, as they want to make a sale and do not want you to walk away. You can also hold your money out and explain that this money is all you have. If they want your sale, they will take you up on it.

Department stores all throughout Europe range a great deal in pricing. Many have great sales and deals on popular merchandise, but negotiating on prices is not usually commonplace. You will find, however, that prices for things in Europe are far cheaper than in America, so you can save money on common items and gift merchandise.

For high fashion shopping, head to Italy, France and Spain. Your hotelier or the locals will be able to point you in the right direction. While designer fashions are very expensive, they will be a bit cheaper in Europe than in the United States. You can find coveted designers like Gucci and Prada at more affordable prices than you would in New York or LA, so if you are into these brands check them out in Europe.

For more Europe shopping advice, ask locals, other tourists and your hotelier for great places to get bargains or to pick up some of your favorite designers.

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