How to Travel Europe by Train

Mastering the European Rail System One of the most popular ways to travel around Europe is by train because of the sheer expanse of the rail system...

Mastering the European Rail System

One of the most popular ways to travel around Europe is by train because of the sheer expanse of the rail system and the convenience it affords travellers. You can quickly get from city to city all over Europe on the rails, without having to worry about driving or carrying a map. Europe travel by train is easy to do when you have a little bit of insider knowledge and have used a Europe train planner to make sure you have all of your times and destinations carefully planned out.

How to Travel by Train through Europe



Travel Europe by Train: What You Need to Know

One of the greatest parts about traveling around in Europe is how easy it is, especially by train. Learning the Europe rail system and all of the things that are important to getting around Europe by rail is not hard and can be picked up as you go along, but for the smoothest trip possible, check out these insider tips:


Consult the Europe rail schedule before you plan your trip. Know when your train will be leaving and how long your trip will be so that you can book your hotel rooms for the right times. has real-time rail schedules for every train in Europe. Check out their Europe rail schedule to plan your trip.


Remember that Europeans use a 24-hour timetable system. After noon, instead of 1:00, Europeans use 13:00. Convert the times you usually use by subtracting 12 and then adding on a PM so that you are always on time for your train.


Free timetables at rail stations give scheduling information on the go. Every train station on your trip will have these large, yellow schedules of departures that can help you to figure out when your train is. There are four distinct columns listed; one for departure times, track numbers, the type of train, and the destination. These will guide you to the correct spot to board your train.


 Always confirm your travel plans with the information clerk at the train station. Clearly write out the city you are traveling from and the city you are traveling to, along with your times. Ask the clerk if this is “OK” and they will be able to confirm that you are on the right track.


 Get on the right car. The entire train most likely is not going to the same destination. Your car will be clearly labeled to tell you the destination. Sometimes cars are dropped off or picked up along the trip, so it is imperative you are on the correct car to get where you want to go.


 Go to the right train station. Many cities have multiple train stations, such as Paris, which has six. In order to catch your planned train at the time you chose, you need to be at the correct station. If you find yourself at the wrong station, you can easily take the subway or a bus to the other station.


 Always clip your backpack to the rack that is located up high. Thieves stake out unsuspecting tourists who are not paying close attention to their bags, so make sure to secure yours to the overhead rack so it is not stolen.

A Europe train planner online will help you to map out your trip and get where you want to go easily. Using the rails in Europe is a snap once you have it down, so remember the above tips and enjoy your trip around Europe!

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