Using Electricity in Europe

Using Electricity in Europe: Travel Voltage and Converters One of the first things that many Americans notice when they land in Europe is that their...

Using Electricity in Europe: Travel Voltage and Converters

One of the first things that many Americans notice when they land in Europe is that their devices that need to be plugged in to electrical outlets, like their mobile phone charger or their hair dryer, do not work with foreign electrical outlets. Often outlets in Europe are shaped differently and do not support American electrical plugs. Luckily, you can still use electricity in Europe on your devices, you just need to have a European electricity converter that will convert the voltage in European outlets to the voltage that your device needs.

Travel Electric Converters: What to Bring With You

Electricity voltage is very different throughout Europe. In America, electricity is supplied by your electrical company at a voltage of 110 to 120. This is what powers our appliances, electronics, and other items that require electricity. One single circuit in our homes can supply more than 2,000 watts of power without trouble. In Europe, however, electricity is supplied at around 220 voltages. This translates to more voltage than what many American electrically powered items can handle. Thus your American hairdryer with 1,800 watts of power can easily blow up when plugged into a European outlet. The electricity voltage that European outlets are created for just cannot handle such powerful devices and can cause power outages throughout your entire hotel if you are not careful.

If you want to be able to use certain American devices that require a high amount of electricity voltage, travel electric converters are required to enable you to use foreign electrical outlets. These converters can be purchased at department stores, electronics stores, and convenience stores throughout the U.S. A European electricity converter will enable your device to be plugged into the socket in your hotel room. Remember that because the European electrical current is 220 volts, and your devices are usually powered by 120 volts, this can blow out your electronic equipment in seconds. Use your dryer on the lowest speed possible and avoid attempting to plug in anything that you would be heartbroken over losing. Even using the lowest possible power on your hair dryer can still cause problems, so your best bet is to go without or to purchase one in Europe. This will keep your American hair dryer in tact and keep your lights on in your hotel room.

Your travel electric converters will make using your alarm clock or other small, not very powerful item work perfectly while in Europe. Plug adapters to work with foreign electrical outlets in Europe are not all the same. You may need different adapters for each country that you plan to visit. When you are at the store, make sure to grab the right converters for each country, as using the wrong one can cause some serious electrical issues. Electricity may be different in Europe, but as long as you have the right equipment and do not try to use certain electrical items in these outlets with powerful electricity voltage, you will make it through your trip without burning up any of your items.

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