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Most Amazing Facts about Monuments In Europe

View of Athens and the Erechtheum (porch of the Caryatids) from the Acropolis.

1. Eiffel Tower, Paris, France • The Eiffel tower was once repurposed as a giant radio antenna to save it from being demolished in 1909. • Temperature changes cause the height of the Eiffel tower to change by nearly 16 inches. • The French were smart: to keep Hitler from reaching the top of the […]

Top Things to Do in Athens, Greece

Top Things to Do in Athens

Athens is known for many different things. It is the historic beginning location of the Olympics. It is home to an ancient civilization. In recent years, it has become a favored location four tourists, especially since the city has become cleaner and easier to navigate. If you travel to Athens, you will be glad to […]

Step Back in History at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Step Back in History at the Acropolis of Athens, Greece

Known as the Sacred Rock of Athens, Acropolis Hill is one of the most important and famous sights in all of Greece. In fact, the Greek Acropolis has been an important part of the city of Athens since its creation. Time and other factors have weathered the ancient Acropolis, but it still stands. With the […]

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