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What Do I Need to Know About Traveling with Kids in Europe?

Traveling to Europe for the first time with children can be challenging, but it also brings a wealth of invaluable rewards for the entire family. Even the very best schools are limited in how much they can teach. Seeing the world offers more of a chance for hands-on learning that can’t be matched in the […]

Where Can I Enjoy the Best Budget Ski Vacation in Europe?

Ski_Vacation _in Europe

Many Americans are under the mistaken impression that all European ski resorts charge exorbitant prices, but the reality is, the highest costs are more likely to be found in the U.S. – particularly at famed resorts like Aspen and Vail in Colorado. Of course the famous European alpine destinations such as Switzerland and Austria tend […]

How Can I Stay Healthy While Traveling in Europe?

How Can I Stay Healthy While Traveling in Europe?

Millions of international travelers diligently plan their adventures, ensuring they’ve packed everything they might need for all types of weather, researching activities and restaurants, and excitedly count down the days and even hours until it’s time to embark on their journey. What most forget to consider is safety and health, so if you’re asking the […]


European Tourism & Travel Trends in 2013

Europe is that enchanting continent which seems to have existed since time immemorial and has still managed to retain its historical and cultural flavor, despite the changes in time and technology. Of course, it’s a blunder to say that Europe has remained untouched by the passage of time. However, Europe is where bucolic charm and […]

Europe Travel Tips: 7 Essential Items to Pack

Europe Travel Tips: 7 Essential Items to Pack

Packing right can be an important part of any travel experience. Bring too much, and it can be a huge burden to drag that heavy luggage everywhere you go, but bring too little and you might regret not having that one essential item that may be difficult to find overseas. Consider these seven essential items […]

Interview with Daniel Browne, Co-Founder of the Sea Sessions Surf & Music Festival in Bundoran, Ireland


Each year on the wild west coast of Ireland, the surfers of that ragged battered shore descend on the small town of Bundoran for a contest, a party and a general letting loose that would make festival goers to Coachella blush. It’s been taking place for the last five years, known as “Sea Sessions” and […]

How to Get the Best Currency Rates for your European Vacation

Currency Rates in Europe

Many people take time to carefully budget when planning their holiday but fail to include the cost of exchanging currency. Without proper planning this can put a bit of a wrench in your plans – especially if money is tight. To avoid those unpleasant surprises, follow these tips that will allow you to get the […]

Top 3 European Destinations for a Spectacular Spring Walking Holiday

Europe in the Spring Spring is just around the corner, and it’s also one of the best times to travel to Europe. Airfares are cheaper, hotels frequently offer discounted offseason rates and you’ll also have fewer crowds to contend with. You’ll be more likely to run into locals who are still at home and not […]

Interview with Rachel MacNeill of Wild and Magic Islay & Whiskey for Girls

Interview with Rachel MacNeill of Wild and Magic Islay & Whiskey for Girls

Wild and Magic Islay is an independent tour operator run by local Rachel MacNeill offering tours that give and up close and personal experience on Islay that provides an in-depth look at the culture, history and landscape that you wouldn’t get from your typical bus tour.     Recently, I had the opportunity to ask […]

Money Saving Tips for Traveling Europe by Train

Money Saving Tips for Traveling Europe by Train

Traveling Europe by train is not only a great way to sample the great variety that the beautiful and diverse continent has to offer, it can also be one of the more affordable modes of transportation as well as less stressful and much more flexible than flying. By doing some careful planning and keeping these […]

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