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France Landmarks and National Parks

  • Corsica the birthplace of Napoleon, a unique island with a distinct culture and language
  • Disneyland Paris the most visited attraction in Europe
  • Futuroscope multimedia and cinematographic theme park with 3D cinemas among other attractions
  • French Alps home to the highest mountain in Western Europe, the Mont Blanc
  • French Riviera ( Cote d'Azur ) Mediterranean coastline of France with plenty of upper class seaside resorts, yachts and golf courses
  • Loire Valley the world-famous Loire Valley, best known for its wines and chateaux
  • Mont Saint Michel second most-visited sight in France, a monastery and town built on a tiny outcrop of rock in the sand, which is cut off from the mainland at high tide
  • Verdun known for the Battle of Verdun with plenty of sights that relate to World War I
  • Versailles the de facto capital of France for over a century, known for the vast royal palace built by Louis XIV

Source: Wikitravel.org