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Latvia A Baltic Beauty with Captivating
Landscapes and Unique Architecture

One of three Baltic states, Latvia boasts a variety of beautiful architectural structures and invigorating landscapes to attract travelers. Tourism in Latvia has increasingly become a larger part of Latvia's GDP. The natural wonders in the country include a lot of distinct shorelines, rivers, lakes, national parks, forests, and green foliage. At the heart of the country is the capital, Riga, and it is the most frequented tourist destination in Latvia. The Gulf of Latvia is one of the focal points of travel destinations in Latvia. It is a gorgeous coastal region that is sparsely decorated with vegetation contrasting colors and textures.


A Riga guide may be the best way to find detailed information on a hotel in Latvia and other travel advice you may need to complete your travel plans. The capital is home to a world heritage site found right in the center of the city. It was named a world heritage site because of the ancient architectural designs and building structures found in the old part of the city. Some of the most inviting sights to see are the cathedrals, stone churches and monuments, and museums. The Aglona Basilica is a remarkable piece of architecture with an interesting and unique history. At Christmastime, Rigs is decorated beautifully with bright lights and shimmering ornaments that give the city illumination and spirit. This would be a particularly good time of year to visit Latvia because of the ornate decorations adorning the already intricately designed buildings in the city.


Other places to consider when you are planning a trip to Latvia include Liepaja, and this city is a rare gem because of its splendid beaches and ancient secret military city, Karosta. For a breathtaking waterfall, find the city of Kuldiga best known for the widest waterfall in the country. For another splendid day trip, visit Cesis and explore the Medieval castle ruins that the city has to offer. Latvia is a major trading point in history and currenly.


Latvian currency is the Lat, and exchange rates should be noted before travel because they are constantly in fluctuation. In Latvia, most natives speak Latvian or Russian, but English is also predominantly taught and understood within the country's borders. For more information on specific areas to visit and travel destination considerations, view a video tour guide or purchase one in book format. Travel decisions are much easier to make when you have all of the information that you need to make the best decision for the kind of vacation that you want to take.


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