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France Famous Places to Visit

  • Paris the "City of Light", romance and the Eiffel Tower
  • Bordeaux city of wine, traditional stone mansions and smart terraces
  • Bourges gardens, canals and a cathedral listed as a UNESCO heritage site
  • Lille (Dutch: Rijsel ) a dynamic northern city known for its handsome center and active cultural life
  • Lyon France's second city with a history from Roman times to the Resistance
  • Marseille big harbor and the heart of the Provence
  • Nantes the "Greenest City" and according to some the best place to live in Europe
  • Strasbourg famous for its historical center, and home to many European institutions
  • Toulouse the "Pink City", for its distinctive brick architecture, main city of Occitania.

Overseas territories

  • French Polynesia ( Tahiti ) post-card tropical islands in Oceania
  • New Caledonia ( Nouvelle Caledonie ) long-shaped island in Oceania
  • Saint-Pierre and Miquelon ( Saint Pierre et Miquelon ) small islands off the Canadian coast
  • Mayotte has voted to become a departement, effective 1 January 2011
  • Wallis and Futuna

The following overseas territories are remote possessions kept as natural reservations:

  • French Southern and Antarctic territories ( Terres Antarctiques et Australes Francaises , or TAAF ), consisting of Terre Adelie in Antarctica and some islands in the Indian Ocean
  • Scattered Islands of the Indian Ocean ( Iles Eparses ): Europa Island , Bassas da India, Juan de Nova Island, Glorioso Islands ( Glorieuses )
  • Clipperton Island


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