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Liechtenstein Passport and Visas Information

Liechtenstein maintains a complete customs union with Switzerland and hence does not issue its own visas: It is represented by Switzerland in embassies around the globe. If you can enter Switzerland, you can enter Liechtenstein, for decades there have been no border formalities needed for crossing between the two countries. The Swiss still operate a border controls at Liechtenstein's frontier to Austria. In essence there is nothing more than a sign announcing your arrival in Switzerland or Liechtenstein (when you cross the Rhine or the land border), similar to the situation at smaller border crossings in many EU nations, (Austria/Germany/France/Italy etc.) Stamp hunters can, however, get an authentic Liechtenstein entry stamp in their passport at Vaduz's tourist office for 3.00 Swiss franc (CHF) or 2.00. The stamp is not available at the Liechtensteinisches Landesmuseum, the tourist office is the only place that you can purchase the stamp. This is the same entry stamp received (for free) by non-European visitors when entering Liechtenstein from Austria - although the Swiss border guards do not always stamp your passport if entering via Feldkirch/Austria. Following the lead of Switzerland, who handles the border duties for the Principality, Liechtenstein will be abolishing border controls to Austria and the (EU) in 2009. This means that there will actually be border checks between Switzerland and Liechtenstein as of December 2008, until Liechtenstein joins the border-less Europe in November of 2009. However, they merely consist of video monitoring at the Swiss-Liechtenstein border. After this point the agreement will allow for free and unchecked travel both into Austria (and the EU) and will re-open the border to its partner and neighbor Switzerland.

Source: Wikitravel.org