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Things to do in Russia

  • Ecotourism

    The association between Russia and its two biggest metropolises, Moscow and St Petersburg, is strong in the minds of tourists, but given its vast expanses and low population density, Russia is a nature lovers paradise as well. Russia has a network of exceptional natural areas, comprising 35 National Parks and 100 Nature Reserves ( zapovednik ) covering a total land mass larger than ermany. List of Russian Nature Reserves (in Russian) one can find here

    Some Russian Nature Reserves on the internet:

    • The Great Arctic State Nature Reserve
    • Central Forest State Nature Bioshere Reserve
    • Ilmen State Reserve

    Provided your paperwork is in order, you may visit these areas independently. For those wishing to seek guidance, there are travel agencies specializing in ecotourism in Russia such as:

Source: Wikitravel.org