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Things to do in Serbia

  • There are two rivers which go through Belgrade: The Sava and Danube. There are a lot of old buildings on all four banks, including a huge fortress Kalemegdan, that has been built, modelled and remodelled by Celts, Romans, Byzantins, Serbs, Austrians and Turks over more than 2,000 years. It has a multitude of various towers and ports, and two long walking/biking paths along both rivers.

    Medieval orthodox monasteries – Studenica, Manasija, Zica, Ravanica. Excellent opportunity to see part of Serbian history. If you are interested in art, there are excellent fresco masterpieces. Recommendaion – “Beli Andeo” (White Angel) fresco in Mileseva monastery.


    Ada Ciganlija is also an excellent place to kick back and relax during summer. It is as locals call it the sea of Belgrade. A lot of sport fields and courts (soccer, basketball, golf, volleyball, etc.). Cafes serving ice cream and beer abound on the banks of this lake-beach park.

    Favorite leisure activity in Belgrade is drinking coffee in numerous bars, bistros and cafes (especially in Strahinjica Bana street, which is known locally as Silicon Valley as it is frequented by loud, vulgar and surgically-enhanced folksingers along with their hangers-on and wannabes). It is very strange, but most of places are occupied all day long - ie, within working hours. You should check: Downtown cafe, Buka bar, Movie bar, Iron cafe, Biblioteka cafe, Monza cafe-boat, Bibis cafe-boat, and many more; People who are not in the folk and MTV music, and don't like to drink overpriced coffee, should avoid this street. There are coffee bars on almost every corner in Belgrade, which offer more relaxed atmosphere and are designed with more taste that those in Strahinjica Bana street.

    Smederevo is a town about 50 km from Belgrade. There are direct bus lines almost every half an hour and it takes about one hour to get there from Belgrade. It is considered as the unofficial rock 'n' roll capitol of Serbia because of its many rock musicians and bands who live there or were born there. See the largest lowland medieval fortress in Europe (especially at night when its lights give a special romantic and mystical atmosphere) or go to a rock concert at "Moto Club Street Fighter" which is located at the very bank of the Danube. At the end of September the town hosts a traditional festival called "Smederevska Jesen" (Smederevo Autumn) which is a festival of vine and Serbian culture with many concerts and other happenings. During the festival there is a carnival located at the end of the town but AVOID IT because it's loud and crowded and basically there's nothing to see or do. Just stay in the town center. Museum of Smederevo holds a lot of Roman and medieval items and collections so for history lovers it's a must-see.

Source: Wikitravel.org