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Andorra Landmarks and National Parks

Andorra is arguably a city-state and has no distinct cities as such.

One thing that this charming beautifully set high mountain capital city does not have is a lot of room.

Imagine a steep gorge in the mountains and now cram into it a whole capital city complete with roads, restaurants, souvenir shops, services, hotels and transport system, and you have Andorra La Vella. That's not much room for nearly 24,000 citizens plus a vast number of tourists. It also doesn't lay the way for middle of the road prices and fast service. You need patience in Andorra La Vella and you shouldn't complain if the simplest business has made room for a couple of cars and charges you for it. Also be prepared to drive like a Spaniard and to give clear signals well in advance before turning. Do not brake suddenly and the other option is do not brake at all!

Parking before or after the city and using public transport is very definitely an option and a must if you didn't cover the excess (CDW) 100% on that hire car.


Resource: Wikitravel.org